Hovel Reviews

Carolyn August 2020

We fell in love with this place! We knew it was going to be amazing, but it far exceeded our expectations. 

This is such a stunning location, with amazing views across the hills. Our kids loved all the amenities, from the sunken trampoline, the forest adventure playground with a wooden fort, tree swings and zip wire and the lake. 

The lake is about 10 minutes walk away and we took out both the kayak and the rowing boat on different days. It was so beautiful and peaceful away from everyone. The wildlife is amazing! In just two days we saw a barn owl, a newt, a water vole (I think) and multiple birds of prey (mostly buzzards we think). 

There is so much to do here, without even leaving the gardens, but there’s loads to do in the local vicinity with Bala lake and lots of walks. We will definitely be coming back again because we love this part of North Wales. 
There is also a lovely cafe run by Toby and Stephanie, and although we didn’t get a chance to eat there as we’d brought so much of our own food, it looked amazing, and we’ll definitely be eating there next time. 

Their hospitality was fantastic – we loved the freshly baked bread and the eggs. The kids loved asking Alexa to play music and playing Guitar Hero! 

See you soon Toby, Stephanie, Tilly & Polly.

Angela August 2020

Having stayed at other properties with Toby and Stephanie the Hovel didn’t disappoint.  A great place in a great location.  

So lovely to be able to explore the gardens and the adventure playground and trampoline meant plenty entertainment without having to travel far.
The hospitality was as ever spot on and to be able to stay home and have dinner cooked was an extra special touch.  Thanks Toby.  Just looking at availability to return….

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